Seiso& Caroline Welch, Westwood Hills & Mar Vista

I have known Larry around 10 years. He helped us sell our house in Westwood Hills in 2014 and then just recently helped us purchase a new home in Mar Vista after we moved back to LA. He’s a very experienced and trustworthy person (not just an agent who’s out to rack up commissions). Rather thanpushing us to do something we were uncomfortable with I’ve felt like he was a partner who listened to what we wanted to accomplish. For our recent purchase we were dealing with parties that didn’t respond on a timely basis and created a very frustrating process. He and the team stuck with it and just drove the process to completion. They handled things professionally and the “right way”, in the end going above and beyond by picking up some loose ends once the sale closed (they didn’t have to). So besides being a very knowledgeable and great agent…I actually trust him (and the team. Linda and Yvette). Highly recommended.