David G, Little Holmby/Westwood

“Your potential clients need to know that you do much more than just buy and sell houses. You impact people’s lives. You certainly did mine. With your tireless encouragement and guidance, I took a chance and purchased a home in Westwood/Little Holmby. In those uncertain times, the best thing I did was to trust you and listen to your professional advice and follow it to the “t”. Your status as a “long-termer” in the Westside market, having weathered good times and bad, gave you credibility that others simply could not match. You are a trusted advisor and agent. We love our “new” classic 1930s house, and its purchase was truly life-changing in many ways. You are an outstanding realtor and a valued member of the Westwood community, but, more than that, my wife and I count you as a friend. “

David G, Little Holmby/Westwoodz