Client Reviews

Jim Nassiri, Westwood Hills

Larry Young and his team, Andrea, Linda and Yvette are best of breed. My wife and I called upon Larry from a friend’s referral. From the beginning to the very end of upon the purchase of our house, Larry and his team were courteous, intelligent, pleasant and above all professional. They guidedus through the process of selling our house and buying another, both at the same time. As you can imagine the process can be stressful. But, Larry and his team, we’re there every step of the way. We would have conference calls, emails, text messages and meetings around the clock just so things were done efficiently and properly. Nothing was missed or left to doubt or concern. They were so dedicated in their profession – always available and ready to anticipate the next step or contingency. They eat sleep drink real estate which is what you want. My dad is a retired real estate broker and as my confidant, he expressed his delight with Larry as I kept him in the loop of the entire process. I truly feel my family and I were able to get the best possible deal and are ecstatic about our new home. Don’t think twice about anyone else as your real estate broker. Larry will help you obtain your dream house like he did for my family.

Westside Home Seller

Larry is diligent, responsive and courteous. We appreciated his straight-forward manner and readiness to help along each part of the process. His team is likewise very professional and on top of things.

Seiso& Caroline Welch, Westwood Hills & Mar Vista

I have known Larry around 10 years. He helped us sell our house in Westwood Hills in 2014 and then just recently helped us purchase a new home in Mar Vista after we moved back to LA. He’s a very experienced and trustworthy person (not just an agent who’s out to rack up commissions). Rather thanpushing us to do something we were uncomfortable with I’ve felt like he was a partner who listened to what we wanted to accomplish. For our recent purchase we were dealing with parties that didn’t respond on a timely basis and created a very frustrating process. He and the team stuck with it and just drove the process to completion. They handled things professionally and the “right way”, in the end going above and beyond by picking up some loose ends once the sale closed (they didn’t have to). So besides being a very knowledgeable and great agent…I actually trust him (and the team. Linda and Yvette). Highly recommended.

Tony Trust, Westwood Hills

I am really pleased to now know Larry and his associates, Andrea and Linda. I was a realtor for most of my adult life, so I am always aware of who the listing agents are. in an area I am familiar with. I now know why the great majority of listings in this area have Larry Young as listing agent. Besides their diligence and principle and genuine empathy, he and his team are truly caring and compassionate people. Another reviewer said it simply and best . . . “and he is just a really nice guy.” I am also thoroughly impressed with how his team keeps us informed daily, every step of the way, with every detail of the transaction and our progress towards the final closing. He is the best Realtor I have ever met.

Duncan &Rachel Clark, Little Holmby

Larry and his amazing team helped us sell a house, buy a house and then lease out the new home, all within just a few months… and all of this was done while we live in a different country! Larry was super knowledgeable, patient, honest and there for us every step of the way. And, he’s just areally nice guy! Financially, we felt that we did very well on all three transactions. We recommend Larry and his team very highly!

Gary Maisel, Little Holmby

Larry represented our family in the sale of our home. He provided the years of expertise on the Westside market and the patience as well as the necessary empathy to work with a family selling a home it had for about 50 years. With Larry, you literally get a team, who took over all the complicatedmeetings with the buyer’s home inspector. Inspection results created continued buyer negotiations, and Larry was available 24/7 to successfully resolve all issues with the buyers and our family. Larry, and his team, are Pros, and we were so fortunate to have them represent us.

Jeff & Ann Abrahams, Bel-Air

Larry’s impressiveness as a real estate agent is matched only by his impressiveness as a human being. What we learned about Larry is that he is passionate about real estate and combines this with all of the wisdom and knowledge he has acquired over his long and successful career to be a loyalchampion for his client. Furthermore, for every component of the deal he has a first-rate expert on his team. We did not hesitate to ask Larry to represent us on this sale, we are delighted that he agreed to do so and there is no doubt that we would ask him to team up together in the future should the opportunity arise.

Westside Home Seller

Larry is the consummate professional. He is savvy, tactful, and an experienced real estate negotiator. He knows the Westside very, very well and how to price a home. He and his team provide full service during the listing and guide sellers through the process set-by-step.

Andy & Kim Brown, Westwood Hills

I highly recommend working with Larry and his team, I have worked on both sides of a transaction and have nothing but positive feedback. He is professional and candid, motivated by meeting the needs of his client while maintaining a high degree of integrity throughout the process.

Tommy & Amy Burr, Bel-Air

We had nothing short of an excellent experience working with Larry while selling our property. It isn’t enough to say that Larry and his team are entirely professional, because what sets them above and beyond is the cordial, positive, and patient personality of their work. If they were doctors, youwould call it an excellent bedside manner. Paired with knowledge, that gives you expertise of the highest quality. Buying and selling homes will always involve stress, so it really means something to have people working for you who will minimize that through clear, down to earth, respectful communication. Yes, you could say we’re fans.